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Welcome to my Blog!

Barbs Galicia - March 22, 2018 - 1 comment

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the blog section of my website.

My name is Barbs and I’m a published author and web copywriter based in Manila, Philippines.

This online space is where I will be sharing everything about my passion and the darling-est things in the world. I’ll post some of my best travel and food experiences as well as some tips and articles related to content writing, fiction writing, and publishing. The aim of this blog is to motivate aspiring writers in and out of Wattpad and help them bring their skills to a new level.

To guide you, these will be the major categories on my blog:

  • Passion
    All about my published books and Wattpad stories, and anything related to writing
  • Wanderlust
    All about my travels and adventures with my husband
  • Foodie
    All about the food I’ve tried during our trips and the dishes my husband cooks for me
  • Beauty
    All about make-ups and skin care products

Bear in mind that although I have several years of writing experience and is already published, I still don’t consider myself as “super expert”. The articles that will be shared here are only based on my own experiences. Hence, there are writing tips that will work for some but not for all.

Nevertheless, I still hope you’ll have a great time here. If you’ve got questions or have specific topics you’d like me to write about, feel free to comment them below or shoot me an email at


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